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classy.PNGWe have partnered with (formerly to make it easy and safe for you to support our efforts. Classy is a leading technology company that provides services to other great charities like Oxfam, Team Rubicon, and United for Veterans. Your donation will be processed safely and securely by Classy.

Our 2015 Classy Fundraising Campaign is currently under construction. Please check back soon for more information on how you can help support the Sing for America Foundation.

Sing for America raises dollars for the arts via singing-focused events, particularly our SFA Chorus Concert. In the spirit of “helping organizations help themselves”, we partner with beneficiary organizations who help co-market our concert in return for a share of the concert ticket proceeds they generate. Selling tickets to the concert is a great way for organizations to show support for their members who are singing in the SFA Chorus and to raise money for their group. 

If your organization is interested in co-marketing for next year's concert or finding out how to enroll singers in our fundraising chorus, please e-mail:


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